Technology services and training in the hospitality industry are increasingly important as the industry continues to evolve in the digital age. For hospitality professionals, StrataBare offers career development opportunities through trainings and engagements in the growing field of hospitality technology.

We connect our technology based clients with qualified and professional independent contractors to provide implementation and training services to hospitality establishments across the United States and Canada. Our clients are seeking qualified professionals for on-site installation, configuration, integration and training of software technology solutions.

Hospitality Technology Specialist (Independent Contractors)


The role of a Hospitality Technology Specialist is to provide implementation and training support and services to our clients who seek qualified professionals with the capabilities to execute on-site installation, configuration, integration and training of software technology solutions.

Hospitality Technology Specialists work directly with our Project Managers and must be able to efficiently manage designated client projects, effectively and professionally communicate with clients and Project Managers, and quickly learn and gain a solid understanding of new products and processes. Candidates must be reliable, self-motivated, and positively represent the StrataBare brand throughout on-site tasks and client interactions.


Stratabare connects Hospitality Technology Specialists with potential engagement opportunities located across the United States and Canada as requested by our clients. The typical engagement of a contracted Hospitality Technology Specialist on client projects will generally include:

  • Ensuring that the technology system solutions are properly installed and meet the specifications and functions required by the hospitality client ‘s establishment site.
  • Resolving potential functionality gaps and training hospitality establishment staff on proper use of the product.
  • Taking the establishment “live” once the product has been installed and the staff has been trained; being present to make any needed adjustments and answer any questions that may arise once the establishment is live to ensure proper implementation to the satisfaction of the client.


  • A minimum (3) years of experience in the hospitality industry working in hotels, restaurants or retail.
  • A minimum of (3) years with both functional and technical experience using a Point of Sale (POS) system or Property Management System (PMS).
  • Functional and technical experience with employee training or user training on any type of system.
  • Associates or Bachelor's Degree in Hotel, Restaurant, & Tourism Administration, or related hospitality industry fields is highly preferred.
  • Required client certifications or the ability to obtain required certifications provided by StrataBare at no personal cost of contractors.
  • Valid passport and driver’s license, and the ability to travel for all accepted engagements is required.
  • Willingness to accept engagements on short notice as needed.
  • The ability to work professionally with minimal immediate supervision.
  • Technical literacy, including a strong working knowledge of commonly used MS Office programs is required.
  • Ability to learn and demonstrate proficiency rapidly as a result of structured training provided by solution provider clients.
  • Excellent communications and problem-solving skills.
  • Must be willing to take and pass a comprehensive background check and drug screen.


All Travel Expenses related to accepted assignments are covered by StrataBare according to client travel and expense policies, including accommodations and airfare.

Contractors are provided with a monthly cell-phone stipend.

Contractors are provided a daily per diem and reimbursed each accounts payable period.

*Compensation and per diem rates provided during the training period of an engagement differs from billable rates.


This opportunity is offered to Independent Contractors who wish to have the ability to train and work with multiple clients based on work experience and qualifications.

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Pending the result of the candidate’s application and resume review, references will be requested.

StrataBare is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.